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Get Ready for Bathing-Suit Season with Forever Bare BBL!

As the summer season is almost upon us (sure, we have a few months to go, but prep is of the essence!), you may want to try a revolutionary – and life changing – new technology in hair removal. Classic laser hair removal methods apply energy completely on a specific area at a time. On […]

Lose That Cellulite Before Summer with Exilis ULTRA!

All of us want to look physically appealing. It makes us feel happy and gives us confidence. Unfortunately, the unhealthy lifestyle of the present days causes frequent changes in weight. Such fluctuations in weight might lead to the development of cellulite. It can also develop in women after pregnancy and is a cause of discomfort […]

Facial Hair Removal with Forever Bare BBL

Are you interested in facial laser hair removal with Forever Bare BBL? Our medical aesthetic experts can determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment. As a permanent solution to reducing excess hair, the Forever Bare BBL destroys hair at the follicle, inhibiting its ability to regrow. It’s important to note that this […]

What Should I Expect After a Chemical Peel?

Are you considering a chemical peel to achieve your skin goals? A chemical peel can correct numerous skin problems, including wrinkles and pigmentation issues such as liver spots, freckling and age spots, peeling away old, damaged skin to reveal fresh new skin. However, it’s important to understand that with most chemical peels, there is some […]

Forever Bare BBL Hair Reduction Birmingham

Removing unwanted body hair is time-consuming! We’re talking, in the course of a lifetime, approximately 1,728 hours or 72 days spent on shaving legs for women or approximately 1,080 hours or 45 days spent on shaving the beard and neck for men. Between the time, the cost, and the annoyance of it all, it’s no […]

Botox Aftercare Birmingham

Botox is administered via injection and works by temporarily paralyzing the underlying muscles under the skin that are causing the lines and creases. Botox is one of the most sought after non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments performed today for both men and women and has become increasingly popular for being a fast, effective, virtually painless way to reduce […]

Latisse Birmingham

Many women lust after long, luscious lashes and try to achieve them through mascara or by painstakingly gluing on false lashes. Today, thankfully, there is another option. Latisse can help to enhance your lashes in color, length and volume. Latisse is a prescription treatment that can be purchased at our office and is applied at […]

Chemical Peels Birmingham

The chemical peel is a popular treatment used to remove damage on the outer layer of the skin. There are different types or strengths of chemical peels, the stronger the peel, the deeper it penetrates into the layers of the skin, and the longer the recovery. Light chemical peels make a more subtle rejuvenation to […]

Kybella Birmingham

Kybella is a non-surgical way for people to reduce the appearance of an unwanted “double chin.” Excess fat under the chin can make many people feel self-conscious and can be a difficult area to target through diet and exercise alone. Kybella offers a quick, safe, effective way to remove the stubborn fat in this area. […]

Dermal Fillers Birmingham

Dermal Fillers are one of our most popular treatments. This non-surgical, injectable treatment has helped reduce those common, unwanted signs of aging we all face as we get older. Lines, creases, and wrinkles form due to a few different changes in our bodies as we get older. Genetics, sun exposure, loss of elasticity and valuable […]

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