Hyaluronic acid is a compound that is found naturally in the body that can also help provide a plump to the volume-deficient area of the skin, especially in visible signs of aging in the face. At Skin Boutique in Metro Detroit, located in Birmingham, MI, we utilize hyaluronic acid in multiple aesthetic treatments, including microneedling. This treatment can improve the look and feel of your skin at a cellular level and continue improving your overall skin appearance over time.


What is Microneedling?

Learn about Microneedling

Microneedling has been utilized in aesthetic treatments for several years and has become increasingly popular as a skin rejuvenation solution for its ability to non-surgically improve the look and feel of the skin without disrupting normal activities or requiring extensive healing time.

Although microneedling is an effective procedure on its own, studies show that results can be optimized when paired with special serums and products such as hyaluronic acid.

We offer multiple microneedling treatment options at Skin Boutique, and hyaluronic acid is ideal for clients with visible signs of aging who are interested in optimizing their results with a treatment that volumizes and continues to improve their skin over time.

What are the
benefits of Microneedling?

There are incredible results when it comes to Microneedling for anyone seeking younger-looking skin. Most of our clients in Birmingham and the Metro Detroit area have discovered the following:

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Treats scars
  • Improves sun damage
  • Boost anti-aging 
  • Shrinks pores 
  • Fights stretch marks 
  • Improves acne

Who are the best
candidates for Microneedling?

The best candidates for Microneedling in the Metro Detroit area are those looking to fix the following skin conditions:

  • Acne scars
  • Aging symptoms
  • Enlarged pores
  • Hypertrophic and keloid scarring
  • Skin impurities
  • Stretch marks

It also helps you be a better candidate if you are in overall good health, have a positive attitude, and have realistic expectations for your treatment.

What are the first
steps of Microneedling?

First Steps

The first step in getting Microneedling in Birmingham, MI is to contact Skin Boutique and schedule your consultation. When you come in for this appointment, you will meet with your own Skin Care Specialist and get an examination of your skin. They will ask you about your medical history, during which time it is important to be as open and honest as possible to avoid any unnecessary risks or side effects during your treatment or recovery. Once your Specialist understands the best method for your treatment, they will create a plan just for you. If you agree with their direction, then you can receive your treatment that same day or reschedule with our Patient Coordinator.


What to expect?

Microneedling Expectations

When you’re ready for your Microneedling treatment, your Skin Care Specialist will begin by applying a topical anesthetic to help numb the area and eliminate any pain. When the targeted treatment area is ready, we will then use a tool that contains dozens of tiny, fine needles and run that tool evenly across your skin to create tiny holes in the outermost layer of the skin. Patients have described the experience as a warm, light scratching sensation as the handheld device moves over their skin.

During microneedling, a pen-like device with several tiny needles in the tip is moved over the skin, where the needles gently penetrate below the surface of the skin. This stimulates the skin’s natural healing response, increasing the production of collagen to improve the strength and structure of the skin and tighten visible signs of aging.

The microneedling process opens up the skin and allows it to better absorb products and serums to help optimize results. Hyaluronic acid is a compound that is found naturally in the body, and when absorbed into the skin after micro-needling, it can aid in adding volume to visible signs of aging to smooth and tighten the skin. This special serum is also used to lubricate the skin during treatment, maximizing client comfort while providing nourishing hyaluronic acid to the skin.

The entire process takes roughly 10 to 30 minutes and, when completed, creates a layer of fresh, smoother-looking skin to reduce scars, wrinkles, and blemishes.



Microneedling Recovery

After your treatment is complete, you will be able to leave and return to your normal routine, but keep in mind you may notice some redness and some minor skin irritation for two to three days following your treatment. This is completely normal and should subside on its own. 

As you recover, remember to use topical creams and lotions to keep your skin soft and moisturized, and avoid washing your face with anything other than lukewarm water and gentle cleanser for 48 hours. You should also not wear makeup for the next 48 – 72 hours. Your healing skin will be very sensitive so you will also need to avoid direct sunlight for 48 – 72 hours after the procedure and wear a quality SPF anytime you’re in the sunlight.

How much
does Microneedling Cost in Detroit?

The cost of Microneedling in Birmingham and the Metro Detroit area is based on various factors, including the surface area of the targeted area. The best way to learn how much your treatment will cost is to come in for your consultation and meet with a Skin Care Specialist. After we have a better understanding of what your needs are for microneedling, our Patient Coordinator will be able to give you a breakdown of the pricing for the procedure and schedule any future appointments.

Why choose
us for Microneedling?

Skin Boutique is your premier medical spa located in Birmingham, MI, and offers complete aesthetic solutions and spa services, while promoting a peaceful mind, energized beauty, and head-to-toe wellness with personal attention. We take pride in sharing our knowledge with each client so that you can incorporate strategies for continued well-being and anti-aging into your everyday life. Skin Boutique is a well-known beauty destination for clients of all ages and with all skin concerns.

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