When it comes to enhancing your facial features, eyelashes are often an afterthought, but having full, thick, dark eyelashes can draw more attention to your eyes and subtly improve your overall appearance. For those who have eyelashes that are sparse or thin, we offer Latisse® at Skin Boutique to help your eyelashes achieve increased length, color, and volume.

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What Is Latisse?

stimulate your lashes

A natural, convenient solution to longer, fuller eyelashes, Latisse® is a prescription treatment that is purchased at our office and used at home. As this treatment must be applied every day for optimal results, it is recommended to put it on every night as part of your routine.

Although Latisse® is medically proven to naturally stimulate eyelash growth, it should be applied very specifically and in the following steps to work the most effectively without any complications:

  • Cleanse your face of any makeup and any other face products, and remove contact lenses
  • Remove one sterile applicator from the tray, putting one drop of Latisse® near but not directly onto the tip
  • Draw the applicator slowly along the skin of the upper eyelashes where they meet the skin. Go from the inside of your lash line out, and do not apply onto the lower eyelid, as hair growth outside of the treatment area can occur.
  • Blot any excess solution beyond the eyelid
  • Dispose of the applicator after use and repeat the steps using the other applicator in the tray. This helps curb any contamination that may be spread from one eye to the other.

How much
does latisse cost?

The cost of Latisse in Detroit and Birmingham will be dependent on a few different factors, including how many vials you wish to purchase. We have included the price per vial below:

  • 5ml vial = $170.00

Why choose
us for Latisse?

Skin Boutique is your premier medical spa located in Birmingham, Michigan, offering complete aesthetic solutions and spa services. We specialize in cosmetic injectables, acne solutions, anti-aging treatments, body contouring, skin tightening, and more. Skin Boutique is a well-known beauty destination for clients of all ages and with all skin concerns.

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