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Get Ready for Bathing-Suit Season with Forever Bare BBL!

As the summer season is almost upon us (sure, we have a few months to go, but prep is of the essence!), you may want to try a revolutionary – and life changing – new technology in hair removal. Classic laser hair removal methods apply energy completely on a specific area at a time. On the other hand, Forever Bare BBL sends several pulses of lower fluence, in a repetitive manner. So, this makes it a faster laser technique, but doesn’t compromise on comfort and safety. The new innovative method also permits even heating of the follicles of hair. This means that the process accounts for often-missed areas of treatment by other, more traditional laser hair removal techniques. The Forever Bare BBL is a novel hair removal method from the brand Sciton, and takes care of hair removal from the legs, arms, underarms, and bikini areas.

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