Cellulite Reduction

The appearance of cellulite, or the fat beneath the skin, can create a bumpy texture and feel on multiple areas of the body, causing a loss of self-confidence. Having visible cellulite is not typically a medical concern, but many men and women seek aesthetic treatments to reduce the appearance of cellulite to create a more pleasing appearance.

At Skin Boutique, we offer the advanced Exilis Ultra, which is now approved for reducing the appearance of cellulite without surgery or downtime. Located in Royal Oak, Michigan, our aesthetic medical team is led by certified specialists, and we are so excited to meet you!  Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out if cellulite reduction with the Exilis Ultra is right for you.


What Is Cellulite Reduction?

Learn about Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is characterized by normal fat that is pushing up against connective tissue, causing the skin to form a bumpy appearance. While poor diet and lack of exercise can play a major role in the formation of cellulite, it is not an indication of obesity – thin individuals can also have problems with cellulite.

Cellulite is more common in women, and the degree of severity can often depend on a lot of factors such as genetics, metabolism, hormones, level of physical activity, and the thickness and color of your skin. Conventional treatments often fall short of targeting these challenging areas, but at Skin Boutique, our Exilis Ultra cellulite reduction system can help.

Currently one of the most sophisticated skin rejuvenation systems on the aesthetic market, Exilis Ultra has become the gold standard in skin tightening and body contouring and is now FDA-approved for cellulite reduction. The Exilis Ultra utilizes non-invasive radiofrequency energy to provide thermal heating to deeper layers of skin. Radiofrequency energy bypasses the surface, leaving healthy skin and tissues intact, and specifically targets underlying fat. As the fat cells are heated to a controlled temperature, they shrink, effectively reducing the visibility of cellulite without any healing or downtime required.

What are the
benefits of Cellulite Reduction?

  • A cooling mechanism to protect the skin and increase comfort during treatment
  • A warm, soothing, warming sensation during treatment that is well-tolerated and typically painless
  • Treatments are quick, typically taking less than an hour, for patient convenience
  • Built-in safety controls to ensure that the skin is not overheated throughout treatment.
  • Fat cells are permanently destroyed for long-lasting results

Who are the best
canidates for Cellulite Reduction?

The best candidates for Cellulite Reduction in the Metro Detroit area are patients who are in overall good health, looking to get rid of stubborn cellulite, improve the overall tone and texture of their skin, and maintain realistic goals and a positive attitude throughout their treatment.

What are the first
steps of Cellulite Reduction?

First Steps

The first step in getting Cellulite Reduction in the Metro Detroit area is to schedule an appointment at Skin Boutique. During your consultation, our aesthetic medical team will listen to your cosmetic concerns and help you determine the best course of treatment for you. Visible results are usually seen after one or two Exilis Ultra sessions, although results may vary. We will customize a treatment plan for you to help you achieve your unique goals.


What to expect?

Cellulite Reduction Expectations

After making yourself comfortable in our office, the Skin Care Specialist will secure the Exilis applicator to the treatment area. Once turned on, monopolar RF energy can penetrate your fat layers with ultrasound, targeting, killing, and eliminating the fat cells and reducing fat layer thickness in the treated area. The Exilis treatment will also help stimulate new collagen production to tighten the skin and reduce cellulite appearance. 

Your treatment should take around 35 minutes.



Cellulite Reduction Recovery

You will be able to leave after your treatment and return to your normal routine, but you may feel a little sore like you had a really good workout. Many patients report seeing visible improvements after just a single session, but please keep in mind that collagen remodeling will take about 90 days, and will continue to improve. 

For the best results, you can expect at least two cellulite treatments depending on the condition of your skin, scheduled a week apart. 

How much
does Cellulite Reduction cost in Detroit?

The cost of Cellulite Reduction in Birmingham and Detroit will vary depending on a number of factors, including the number of treatment areas. Below we have provided you with general pricing for our treatments:

  • One Area—$300 per treatment or $1,200 for a package of four treatments
  • Two Areas—$550 per treatment or $2,200 for a package of four treatments
  • Three Areas—$750 per treatment or $3,000 for a package of four treatments
  • Maintenance for One Area—$225 per treatment
  • Maintenance for Two Areas—$375 per treatment

Why choose
us for Cellulite Reduction?

Skin Boutique’s goal is to promote a peaceful mind, energized beauty, and head-to-toe wellness with personal attention. Our team takes pride in sharing our knowledge with each client so that you can incorporate strategies for continued well-being and anti-aging into your everyday life. Skin Boutique is the premier medical spa located in Birmingham, MI, offering complete aesthetic solutions and spa services. From acne to anti-aging and body sculpting, your worry is over about which treatments can address the desired results you have been dreaming of.

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