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Get Amazing Results with the SB Signature Liquid Gold Facial

Age may tend to make people wiser and more established, but it also tends to have certain negative effects upon the body. The skin tends to undergo the most visible signs of aging, which can leave a wise person feeling like they’re too old to be respected or taken seriously.

While there are many treatments designed to treat one or two side effects of aging, few treat a large number of age-related conditions like the SB Signature Liquid Gold Facial. This revolutionary skin care technique incorporates the latest in skin care technology to make your skin appear more youthful and beautiful.

Making the Skin Accessible with Micro Needling

The first step in the SB Signature Liquid Gold Facial is to remove dead skin cells, oil and other undesirable materials. Not only do these things make your face look that much older, but they can also hamper the effectiveness of the remainder of the facial.

We use micro needling in our facial to remove these undesirable materials. Microscopic channels are used to loosen the dead skin on top while making it possible to access the deeper layers of the skin without inflicting harm. This makes it easier for the skin to be treated while exposing more youthful and healthier skin.

Encouraging Positive Growth

The next step in the SB Signature Liquid Gold Facial is to apply stem cells derived from your blood to your face. This effectively heightens the skin’s ability to heal by introducing a number of positive factors designed to affect the growth of new cells. The benefits of this step include:

The result of this treatment is that the skin has fewer blemishes like fine lines and wrinkles, reduced signs of irritation like rosacea and overall redness and an increase in the overall “glow” that youthful skin often exhibits. These effects tend to last, as they are supported by your body’s own stem cells. This results in long-term, positive changes to the skin.

Is the SB Signature Liquid Gold Facial Right for You?

While most people will experience a dramatic improvement when they undergo an SB Signature Liquid Gold Facial treatment, it may not be perfect for everyone. The unique needs of your skin need to be assessed before the most effective treatment can be matched with them.

To learn more about how this treatment can specifically provide amazing results for your face, schedule a consultation at Skin Boutique in Birmingham. We can diagnose and assess your issues while using our lengthy experience to help ensure that your face looks amazing after undergoing our treatments. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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