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Enhance Your Backside with an SB Signature Thermal Butt Lift

Sometimes, your bottom just needs a boost. Whether you are the victim of aging or your backside has simply begun to droop, an SB Signature Thermal Butt Lift can help you to enhance what you have. You don’t have to accept saggy skin, cellulite and excess fat that makes you disappointed with your bottom. You can come in for a non-invasive procedure to really see results.

What is the SB Signature Thermal Butt Lift?

This is a non-invasive approach that can help you to enhance your bottom. Other options, including a fat transfer and butt implants, are going to put you through surgical procedures. The secret behind the SB Signature Thermal Butt Lift is the use of a combination approach to give you optimal results.

Your treatment begins with the Exilis Elite device. This involves a special device that applies radiofrequency energy to the surface of your skin, penetrating to the deeper layers. The radiofrequency energy produces heat, which promotes the production of collagen, stimulates your circulation, tightens skin and melts fat.

As an added component of the SB Signature Thermal Butt Lift, you’ll also undergo micro-needling, in which tiny micro-channels are made on the surface of the skin. Finally, PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is used to produce healthy cells. The end result will be a tighter, smoother bottom.

Why Choose the SB Signature Thermal Butt Lift?

The SB Signature Thermal Butt Lift is the least invasive of your options when it comes to enhancing your backside. You won’t need to have incisions, general anesthesia or a lengthy recovery. After your treatment, you will be able to enjoy your new and improved backside. It really is new when you consider the new collagen and cell production that has given you the results that you are looking for when it comes to your bottom. Best of all, your results will look and feel natural when you opt for the SB Signature Thermal Butt Lift.

Consult with Our Professionals

It’s time to stop thinking about how you can improve your backside when you can do something about it. Make an appointment to see our aesthetic experts at Skin Boutique in Birmingham and discuss how the SB Signature Thermal Butt Lift can make a difference for you. After taking advantage of this treatment, you will really notice an improvement when you look at your bottom. Whether you are wearing a bathing suit or clothing that hugs your figure, you want your backside to look its best. With the SB Signature Thermal Butt Lift, you can really see the difference that this simple treatment can make. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to learn more.

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