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Dermasound Plus™ for Ultimate Acne Treatment

Dermasound Plus™ is a medical-grade exfoliating treatment that may give you a more youthful appearance, but it is also the ultimate acne treatment that hits at the cause of acne to give you healthy-looking skin. It may be used along with other treatments, such as chemical peels.

Acne develops when the pores in your skin are blocked with dead skin and the natural oil that is located at the root of your hair. The oil moves along the hair and rests on your skin, where it combines with dead skin cells and bacteria. The bacteria are what cause the infection called acne. Heredity and hormonal factors are the most common reasons people develop acne.

The reason why Dermasound Plus™ is the ultimate acne treatment is because it penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin to open temporary paths for hydration, exfoliation that facilitates deeper penetration of the right skin care products.

Acne can develop at any age, especially on the back, shoulders and face. It can leave scars that are difficult or impossible to remove. Dermasound Plus™ has a different approach than other acne treatments. It produces intense micro-jets to clean out affected pores without damaging the already inflamed cell. Treatment is safe and quick and is suitable for teenagers and adults.

Our skin care professional will first examine your acne and determine if Dermasound Plus™ is the right treatment for you. Most people need a series of treatments to get the desired results. You may need monthly maintenance treatments depending on your condition.

Before the treatment day, our specialist may ask you to discontinue using any exfoliates prior to the treatment and for some time after the treatment. You should also avoid exposure to direct sunlight before and after the treatment. After the treatments are completed, our specialist can help you create a home skin care regimen to make the results last longer.

In addition to being the ultimate acne treatment, Dermasound Plus™ is an effective treatment for the signs of aging on the face and for rosacea. It is a non-invasive method that helps to remove fine lines by rebuilding elastin and collagen that decrease over time. It also helps erase other signs of aging that may develop from sun exposure, stress, smoking and other lifestyle imbalances. Dermasound Plus™ also helps to reduce the inflammation in rosacea that causes the constant red flush.

If you have acne that erupts year after year, you may get permanent relief from Dermasound Plus™ treatments. It treats the cause of acne deep in the skin and promotes collagen and elastin formation to help your skin look clear and smooth.

Acne is just one of the skin conditions that Dermasound Plus™ treats. To learn more about how this treatment can benefit you, talk to the team at Skin Boutique in Birmingham. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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