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Stanford University Research on BBL: How Can It Reprogram DNA to Act Younger?

Almost every single country on the planet has its fable about the fountain, the pill or the elixir that allows a person to stay young forever. Most people, however, have given up on the idea of finding that magic potion of youth. Instead, they have turned to the medical and cosmetic communities to find possible […]

Look and Feel Rejuvenated with Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a popular cosmetic treatment that can leave your skin looking vibrant, supple and smooth. The beauty of this treatment (which has been a skincare ritual of women for centuries) is that it is totally non-invasive. There is absolutely no pain involved during dermaplaning. In fact, many of our clients find it relaxing. During […]

Want to look 10 years younger, fight acne & remove hair?

Am I a Candidate for BOTOX Treatments?

BOTOX® is an FDA-approved solution designed to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that are caused by tension in the expressive facial muscles. These are known as dynamic wrinkles, and they typically form around the lips and eyes and at the brow. BOTOX® is a safe, non-invasive and incredibly effective solution to […]

Revitalize Your Skin with a Vampire Facial

The increasing popularity of the Vampire Facial™ shows no signs of slowing down. Since its arrival, this highly effective skin treatment has been helping clients enjoy revitalized skin. Several well-known celebrities have endorsed the Vampire Facial™, and every year, its popularity grows. Many clients are attracted to this treatment because of how it works. The […]

Get Amazing Results with the SB Signature Liquid Gold Facial

Age may tend to make people wiser and more established, but it also tends to have certain negative effects upon the body. The skin tends to undergo the most visible signs of aging, which can leave a wise person feeling like they’re too old to be respected or taken seriously. While there are many treatments […]

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Dermasound Plus™ for Ultimate Acne Treatment

Dermasound Plus™ is a medical-grade exfoliating treatment that may give you a more youthful appearance, but it is also the ultimate acne treatment that hits at the cause of acne to give you healthy-looking skin. It may be used along with other treatments, such as chemical peels. Acne develops when the pores in your skin […]

Sculptra® for Deep Nasolabial Folds

If you have recently begun exploring your options for correcting nasolabial folds, then you might want to consider the dermal filler known as Sculptra®. This injectable has quite a few benefits over hyaluronic acid fillers that are not always as effective at treating deeper smile lines. A Look at Static Wrinkles Dynamic wrinkles become visible […]

Enhance Your Backside with an SB Signature Thermal Butt Lift

Sometimes, your bottom just needs a boost. Whether you are the victim of aging or your backside has simply begun to droop, an SB Signature Thermal Butt Lift can help you to enhance what you have. You don’t have to accept saggy skin, cellulite and excess fat that makes you disappointed with your bottom. You […]

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