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Treat Skin Imperfections with Cryotherapy

The condition of a person’s skin can often have a direct correlation to their self-confidence and their willingness to be a productive member of society. When a person has a clear, blemish-free complexion, they are proud to show off their features. But when a person has damaged skin, they are less likely to want to put themselves out there for the world to see. Cryotherapy, or cryosurgery, is a surprisingly old technique for treating skin problems that dates back around 100 years.

What Can Cryotherapy Treat?

Cryotherapy is often used to treat seborrhoeic keratosis (senile warts), viral warts, age spots, skin tags, actinic keratosis and other small, non-cancerous skin lesions. It can also be used to treat small basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas. It should not be used to treat melanoma, and it should not be used on body parts that have a lot of hair.

What Does Cryotherapy Involve?

During the procedure, nitrous oxide is applied to the patient’s skin, which will cause the skin imperfection to eventually freeze away. The cooling technology acts as its own anesthetic, so the patient should not feel too much discomfort during the treatment.

While many patients need only one treatment, people with larger warts or the like might need two or more to get the whole thing. The treatment requires minimal downtime and healing. Another advantage of the treatment is that the technology does not damage any healthy surrounding tissue or skin.

Who is a Good Candidate for Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is best suited for patients who can tolerate cold temperatures. Most healthy individuals are good candidates for this type of treatment. However, patients who are taking medications that suppress the immune system are not good candidates.

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Whether you are sick and tired of your liver spots or are embarrassed about your acne, cryotherapy may be able to help you to look and feel your best again. This treatment is safe and effective, and chances of any negative side effects are extremely rare.

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