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What's Happening at Skin Boutique

Our Black Black Friday Sale is here. Specials are available Monday November 22 through Saturday, Nov. 27

(the 25th Thanksgiving and 27th are online only.)

Stock up on all of your favorite treatments and products for future use. Online and phone purchases only. Call 248-588-3500 to order products or to pay with Care Credit. To order online, click the “Purchase Specials” button below.


Only $3.50 per unit normally $4.50 per unit

(Available to purchase 50, 75, and 100 unit quantities)

(All units must be used prior to May 31st)


Only $11 per unit normal price is $13 per Unit

(Available to purchase 20, 30, 40 and 50 unit quantities)

(All units must be used prior to May 31st)

Restylane Filler Products are $50 off per Syringe

Versa is $100 Off

Excludes ½ Syringes

(All Syringes must be opened prior to May 31st, not completely used)

Sculptra Aesthetic

Stimulate and replace lost collagen with Sculptra Aesthetic!

Get 3 vials for only $1500

(All Vials must be used prior to May 31st)

BBL Forever Young

A series of 3 BBL FY Face treatments ONLY $999!! Normally $1250

(All treatments must be completed prior to May 31st)

Exilis Elite Body Contouring and Skin Tightening Treatment Series

Purchase a series of 4 treatments for 1 body/face area for only $800!!! Regular series price for 1 body area is $1200

(All treatments must be completed prior to May 31st)

VI Peels

20% off all VI Peels It’s time to peel away summer sun damage, acne, acne scarring, melasma, hyperpigmentation, lines, wrinkles and more!

(All treatments must be completed prior to May 31st)

SB Beauty Packages

(All units must be used and Syringes must be opened prior to May 31st)

Refresh Package

Cheek and Under Eye Fillers 2 Syringes $1000

Enhance Package

Cheek and Chin Fillers 3 Syringes and 1 area of Botox/Dysport $1600

Restore Package

4 Syringes of Filler and a Thread lift plus 1 area of Botox/Dysport $3500

Retail Products on Sale

Save 15% off all GlyMed Plus Skin Care, Latisse and Alastin

If you are having trouble with online purchasing or want to use Care Credit, please email [email protected] or call 248-588-3500 and we will get in contact with you to place your order.

***no other offers valid with our Black Friday specials this includes Alle Coupons, Aspire Rewards. There are no refunds for sale purchases, they can only be exchanged with other service.


 Purchase your specials online starting Nov. 22 here.

Meet our Skin Care Specialists

Our Skin Care Specialists are looking forward to serving you with superior quality aesthetic services!

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