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Forever Clear BBL For Acne Birmingham, MI

At Skin Boutique, our mission is to help our clients empower their minds, enhance their beauty, and improve their wellness. To that end we are pleased to offer Forever Young BBL™ treatments for acne. This innovative anti-acne treatment can revitalize your skin and undo the damage caused by acne outbreaks.

What Is Acne?

Acne is a skin disorder that stems from a mixture of hormonal imbalances as well as external substances affecting the oil glands and hair follicles. For some, acne is just a mild frustration leading to the occasional pimple or two. For others, acne is constant and difficult to ignore, covering the entire face and increasing the chance for the appearance of more troubling cosmetic concerns.

When acne is left untreated, it can lead to visible scars. Over-the-counter creams and medications, changes to diet and changes to your facial skin care routine are some of the available options to wage the war on acne. Unfortunately, these options are not effective for everyone.

A New Approach to Acne Treatment

At Skin Boutique, we strive to provide our clients in Birmingham, Michigan with the latest in skin care treatment. It is with great pride that we offer the Forever Young BBL™ treatment for acne. It has been approved by the FDA for its clinically-proven ability to remove acne.

The treatment involves using pulse infrared and visible light energy to prime the upper layers of your skin for the increased production of collagen.  Collagen is a structural protein that the body uses for wound repair and these wounds can include acne marks.


How Effective Is BBL™ at Treating Acne?

With proper treatment, BBL™ therapy will lead to what cosmetic professionals refer to as collagen remodeling. It treats overactive oil glands, leading to the reduction of acne. The treatment can also improve the appearance of acne scars in a non-ablative way.

The device will stimulate the treated area, which in turn triggers the body’s natural production of collagen. It can rejuvenate your skin, leaving it tighter, thicker, and most importantly, smoother and acne-free.

Are There Any Side Effects?

At Skin Boutique, we are keenly interested in the health and well-being of our clients. We only use treatments that have been well tested and approved by regulatory agencies, such as the FDA.

The Forever Young BBL™ treatment may produce mild symptoms, which usually disappear in a few hours for most clients. These symptoms most typically include:

  • A Mild Sunburn-like Sensation on Your Face
  • Temporary Darkening of Pigmented Lesions
  • Mild Facial Irritation

In many cases, acne is not something that you can control through diet and ointments alone. For this reason, we are pleased to offer an effective anti-acne treatment that goes deeper than either of those things. We invite you to visit our office in Birmingham, Michigan.  Contact us today and make an appointment.


BBL Forever Clear – Acne – For best results 8 treatments 1-2 times per week. Includes Ultimate Acne Facial (regular price $60) and cystic acne injections if needed (regular price $10-$25).

Full Face, Chest or Back $225 per single treatment

Series of Four (4) treatments $800 (save $100)

Series of Eight (8) treatments $1500 (save $300)

Cheeks, Forehead or Chin $150 per single treatment

Series of Four (4) treatments $500 (save $100)

Series of Eight (8) treatments $900 (save $300)

Our skilled professionals are eager to work with you in addressing your skin concerns. Schedule a consultation with us, and let us show you that having smooth and acne-free skin is possible.

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